Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Optimizing SharePoint

Microsoft in September released a white paper on optimizing SharePoint. There's a link to the PDF white paper on the SharePoint Strategist Web site. Karuana Gatimu, who blogs on the site, explained: "Basically Microsoft is telling you, 'Hey, our SharePoint installation is HUGE and it was exhibiting performance slowdowns. Here's how we isolated and repaired the problem.' I don't know about you, but if MS wants to show me how it thinks, troubleshoots and speeds up MOSS I'm all ears."
Us too. (There's a link to the PDF white paper on that site).
That's why at the SharePoint Technology Conference, we'll be presenting several classes on optimizing SharePoint ... for performance, for search engine optimization, and for information security. So, if figuring out how to get the most out of your SharePoint installation is important to you at this point, be sure to schedule time for these sessions. You can find them in the conference catalog on the conference Web site.
-- David

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our new SharePoint columnist

Thumbing through the redesigned Systems Management News (published by BZ Media, which is producing the SharePoint Technology Conference), I came across Darrin Bishop's column, "From Mere Data to Information." In it, Darrin discusses how SharePoint helps users convert data from siloed applications into something both discoverable and usable throughout an enterprise. He points out that the BI -- business intelligence -- features within SharePoint allow for the creation of highly targeted portals, through which data required by specific users can be viewed and interpreted by decision-makers in those areas. Darrin's column will be a regular feature in the magazine, so if you're not yet a subscriber, you should make it a point to sign up. I mention all this, of course, because Darrin is on the faculty of our SPTechCon in January. His topic there? "Building Business Intelligence Portals." As the Ol' Perfessor Casey Stengel (not a programmer), used to say: You could look it up!


And, there's yet another author on the faculty: I got a note from Dux Raymond Sy, a project management guru, to inform me he's writing a book called "SharePoint for Project Management," to be published by O'Reilly. It's targeted for release this month. Dux is presenting on the subject at SPTechCon.

-- David

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another writer in the house!

I just learned that Bjorn Furuknap, who will present a full-day workshop at SPTechCon on customizing the SharePoint user experience, is working on a new book. It's called, not surprisingly, "Building the SharePoint User Experience." He's already fired off the first chapter to the publisher, and says initial feedback has been quite positive. We'll look out for it when it's published; in the meantime, he's set up a Web site with a lot more information. Bjorn says much of his session is based on the information he's putting into the book, so it should be quite detailed.
-- David

Friday, October 3, 2008

SharePoint admin book set for release

Todd Klindt, a SharePoint MVP who will be presenting at our conference, has co-authored a book with another of our speakers, Shane Young, and Steve Caravajal, titled ... well, just look over to the right and you can see the cover!

The book, Klindt notes on his blog, should be available next month. You can preorder it from Amazon today. Here's the chapter list:

Chapter 1: SharePoint 2007 Components and Services

Chapter 2: Architecture and Capacity Planning

Chapter 3: Installation and Configuration

Chapter 4: Security : Permissions and Policies

Chapter 5: Command Line Administration Using STSADM

Chapter 6: Navigation and Taxonomy

Chapter 7: Managing Customization

Chapter 8: Configuring and Customizing Search

Chapter 9: Profiles, Audiences, and My Sites

Chapter 10: Creating and Configuring Internet-facing Sites

Chapter 11: Optimizing Performance

Chapter 12: High Availability, Backups, and Disaster Recovery

Chapter 13: SharePoint with Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008

Chapter 14: SharePoint 2007 administration with PowerShell

Klindt writes, "I wrote chapters 2, 5, & 12 – 14, so of course they're the best." He also noted that the book is not for beginners, and covers topics the three have gained knowledge in after using SharePoint for the past two years. Check it out.

It appears that SharePoint MVP notifications have gone out this week, and another of our speakers, Jason Medero of B&R Solutions in New Jersey, has retained the distinction for 2009. Congratulations, Jason! Here's what he had to say about that in his blog.